Best Sony E-Mount Lenses for 2017

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Best Sony E-Mount Lenses for 2017

Looking for the Best Sony E-mount lenses for your Sony A5000, A5100, A600, A6300 or Sony E-Mount compatible camera?

Sony’s E-mount mirrorless cameras are known for their impressive image quality & compact size. The kit lenses such as the 16-50mm zoom lens is a great option for starting out, but as you learn more about your camera, you’ll want to pick up a few lenses to make the kind of photos you’ll love.

Below you’ll find Sony camera lens options that will expand your range as a photographer. We recommend adding a Sony E-mount prime lens, an ultra-wide angle lens and a zoom lens to your kit as soon as possible. The kit lens is great, but you’ll never become the photographer you want to be with the Sony kit lens.

Recommended Sony E-mount Lenses

Lens Sizef/stopPrime or ZoomAverage CostGet Price
12mm (Rokinon)f2.0Ultra-Wide Angle Prime$$Get Price
16mm f2.8Prime$Get Price
24mm (Carl Zeiss Sonnar)f1.8Prime$$$Get Price
50mm OSS Ef1.8Prime$Get Price
18-200 OSSf3.5-6.3Telephoto Zoom$$$Get Price
55-210mm OSS E f4.5-6.3 Telephoto Zoom$Get Price


What to look for in a Sony E-Mount Lens:

When shopping for Sony E-mount lenses, always consider what type of photos you like to create, where your current lenses fall in relationship to what you like to shoot, and how can you expand your photographic/creative range with a new Sony e-mount lens.

You’ll want to buy a Sony E-mount camera lens that pushes your limits and gives you more options to make beautiful images in a variety of settings.


What you’ll find in our Sony E-Mount Lens Review:

We’ve summarized some of the options for Sony E-mount Zoom Lenses and Sony E-mount Prime lenses in our Sony E-mount Lens Guide for 2017, and we’ve included a few non-Sony lenses where applicable. All the below lenses fit E-mount cameras (see full list of E-mount Cameras).


canon-to-sony-emount-lens-adapterLens Adapter Option: If you already have an array of lenses from your DSLR, you can purchase an adapter ring like the Ulata Canon DSLR to Sony E-mount version shown here.

It’s an extremely affordable option if you can live with manual focus only.

The Ulata adapter gives you the chance to use your favorite DSLR lenses without having to purchase new Sony E-mount lenses right away.

Read reviews here and find out if a simple adapter is all you really need to start making great photos with your new mirrorless Sony.


Sony E-mount Zoom Lens Options:

Sony E 10-18mm f/4 OSS APS-C Lens

sony-e-10_18mm-f4-oss-aps-c-lensPerfect for: expansive landscapes, interiors and group shots. Achieve crisp, blur-free images and video with the built-in Optical SteadyShot (OSS) image stabilization system. Ultra wide-angle E-mount zoom lens offers a constant maximum aperture of f/4 through the entire focal length range.

This Sony E-mount zoom lens is great in lower light environments, such as outdoors at sunset. Take advantage of a bright aperture and use fast shutter speeds without having to raise the ISO and increase graininess in your shots. In the 35mm format, the focal lengths are equivalent to a 15-27mm field of view which is extremely wide-angle with exaggerated perspectives. Click to Check Price

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Sony E 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Retractable Zoom APS-C Lens

sony-16 50 zoom lensPerfect for: everyday walking around lens, portraits and vacations. This Sony E-mount zoom lens is probably the lens that came with your new Sony mirrorless camera – like my A6000.  It’s a solid lens for most settings.

While you can get nice shots close up, you’ll easily be able to take beautiful wide angle shots outdoors in most lighting situations.

Eventhough the f/3.5 limits your ability to shoot in low light, the 16-50mm lens is a nice, affordable option if you are on a budget. The lens is light weight and retractable.

I used this Sony E-mount kit lens on vacation and found the A6000 with this lens easy to travel with all day, not too heavy and works well for most travel photography. It’s a great day to day lens and when set in automatic, you can get some great shots at sunset. Click to Check Price

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Sony E 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 OSS Zoom Lenssony-e-55_210mm, sony e-mount lenses guide for sony mirrorless cameras

Perfect for: sports or nature photography when you want to get up close from far away. Excellent beginner Sony E-mount zoom lens.

This Sony E-mount 55-210mm lens is the perfect balance of form and function. It has an ample zoom range in a compact design.

This Sony E-mount lens is lightweight and remarkably comfortable to hold and operate. With built-in Optical SteadyShot image stabilization you can get sharp images even when shooting handheld in low light situations.

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Sony E-mount Prime Lens Options:

Sony SEL35F18 35mm f/1.8 Prime Lens

sony-sel35f18-35mm-prime-fixed-lensPerfect for: extreme low-light situations where you want to capture a nice background blur, focus on the subject tightly, portraits, up close shots.

It’s a great second Sony E-mount lens to have, next to a zoom lens, because it’s perfect for capturing action and making movies.

The Sony 35mm lens ideal for a wide variety of photos, including snapshots while strolling, night shots (thanks to the bright maximum aperture) and portraits with superb background/foreground blur.

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Sony E 16mm F2.8 Wide Angle Prime Lens

sony-sel16f28-16mmPerfect for: landscapes, architecture, snapshots. This 24 mm equivalent (35mm full frame format) E-mount prime lens covers everything you want to shoot. This wide-angle pancake lens for your Sony mirrorless camera is compact and easy to carry around. It’s low f-stop lets you get awesome shots in low light situations.

It has a refined aluminum alloy exterior, a quiet micromotor which delivers smooth auto-focus and aperture operations that contribute to high-quality movies – as well as stills. It’s a great entry level wide-angle prime you’ll end up using for almost everywhere you take your camera.

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Sony SEL-20F28 E-Mount 20mm F2.8 Prime Lens

sony-20mm-pancake-emount-lensPerfect for: landscapes, architecture, snapshots. Virtually the same shot quality as the Sony 16mm but about $100 more in price due to the motor type. Get awesome wide-angle shots in quiet environments.

The 20mm F2.8 lens has a stepper motor which is quieter than the micromotor in the 16mm f2.8 Sony E-mount prime.

Although both lenses are affordable, quiet, functional in low-light, and great for movies, if you want to make sure your shots in cathedrals or museums are totally quiet, pick up this lens.

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Sony SEL30M35 30mm f/3.5 e-mount Macro Prime Lens

sony-30mm-emount-macro-lensPerfect for: macro photography, close-ups, portraits.  A versatile “macro” lens that will get your creativity flowing. It has a 1:1 magnification ratio so you can capture close-ups with perfection.

This 30mm lens offers excellent image quality throughout the entire image area, with high contrast and minimal chromatic aberration at all settings. This is the only macro lens Sony offers for its mirrorless arsenal.

It has optimized video performance for smooth, quiet operation essential for high-quality movie capture and with the fixed front filter mount, you can use a variety of graduated filters.

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Other Prime Lenses:

Sigma 30mm F2.8 EX DN Art (Black) for Sony SE

sigma-30mm-f2-8-lens, sony e-mount lenses guide for sony mirrorless camerasPerfect for: works well in landscapes and street shots. It’s a great lens when you want to capture photos of people without too much distortion. It’s priced well and is an excellent value compared to a Sony branded lens.

Compact and light, the Sigma 30mm F2.8 is a perfect “walkabout” lens alternative to a Sony prime lens.

It has a more normal focal length, which is similar to normal viewing with the naked eye. Learn more about the Sigma 30mm F2.8 lens and find out why so many people opt for this lens over Sony prime lenses.

Sigma offers a 30mm f1.4 lens with similar specs but priced a little higher because it is even better in lower light situations at f1.4. Learn more about both now to see which one is best for you.

Click here to Read reviews & Learn more about the 30mm f2.8 OR Click here to Read Reviews & Check Price of the Sigma 30mm f1.4 (even better in lower light) 

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Sigma 19mm F2.8 DN E-mount Prime Lens

sigma-19mm-emount-prime-lens-for-landscapesPerfect for: landscapes, movies, wider angle shots than the 30mm Sigma lens. The Sigma 19mm E-mount has a linear AF motor which moves the lens elements without the need for gears or the drive of other mechanical parts which can add noise to your videos. This lens has accurate and quiet autofocusing. It’s great for video recording as well as still photography.

You could use it at weddings or even in the city where you want to get a great field of view of the street and architecture. It comes in 2 finishes, black or silver, and is an affordable prime lens to add to your arsenal. And, with the fixed fstop at 2.8, you can get some great shots in low light.

Click here to learn more

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Rokinon 12mm F2.0 NCS CS Ultra Wide Angle Lens Sony E-Mount

rokinon-12mm-ultra-wide-angle-lens-sony-e-mountPerfect for: ultra wide angle scenes, standing close to an object and getting the entire scene in the shot.

Rokinon 12mm F2.0 is a prime wide-angle lens designed specifically for use with APS-C sized image sensors.

This lens has a broad 98.9° angle of view and is excellent for architectural shots, interiors, and landscape images – especially night shots where you want to capture the stars and landscape in the same shot.

It has a fast f/2.0 maximum aperture which works well in low-light conditions.

Set this lens up on a tripod and take beautiful night shots… or set it up near the ocean with an additional filter to get smooth shots of the waves cascading over rocks. This versatile ultra wide angle Rokinon E-mount lens will not disappoint.

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Complete list of Sony E-mount Lenses:


Prime – Sony E-mount Prime lenses have a fixed focal length and are not zoomable. You have to “zoom with your feet” or move closer or further away from the subject to get the shot. Prime lenses are excellent lenses to let your creativity flow because you have to think through the shot and compose it without zooming the lens to compose your image.

These affordable Sony E-mount prime lenses are excellent for every day use – architecture, vacations, groups of people:

16mm f2.8 (prime)

20mm f2.8 (prime)

This prime lens is more expensive, is a better low light Sony E-mount pancake lens, will have stellar quality (at a price):

24mm f1.8 Carl Zeiss Sonnar (prime)

This is an affordable Sony E-mount macro prime lens if you are just getting started in macro photography:

30mm f3.5 Macro (prime)

These Sony E-mount prime lenses are image stabilized, excellent in low light, and will give your photos of people excellent background blur – a hallmark of portrait photography:

35mm f1.8 OSS (prime)

50mm f1.8 OSS E (prime)


Zoom – Sony E-mount zoom lenses let you get close up from a distance. 

This is an excellent option for a wide-angle zoom lens. You can get close up to a subject matter while capturing an expansive field of view.

10-18mm f4 OSS (zoom)

This lens likely came on your camera when you purchased it. It’s also called a kit lens. It’s a great little lens and versatile. Perfect for vacations, family portraits, kids parties, etc. A solid lens for most situations. If you already own this, you may want to pick up an E-mount prime lens to give your kit more versatility. We recommend the 50mm f1.8 OSS E (prime)

16-50mm f3.5-5.6 OSS (zoom)

This is a great lens, similar to the 16-50mm above, and came as the NEX camera kit lens. Pick one or the other if you want a solid, easy to use, great kit lens.

18-55mm f3.5-5.6 (zoom)

This Carl Zeiss mid-range zoom lens has superior optical quality. If you are looking for quality optics and can afford the price, this is the mid-range zoom lens for you.

16-70mm f4 ZA OSS Vario-Tessar T* E (zoom)

To round out your kit, any of the below zoom lenses will be perfect for nature photography, sports photography, or anywhere you must stay far away from the subject to photograph it. If you like to take photos of birds or wildlife, any of these lenses will be perfect.

18-105mm f4 G oSS E PZ (zoom)

18-200 f3.5-6.3 (zoom)

18-200 f3.5-6.3 OSS (zoom)

18-200 f3.5-6.3 OSS PE (zoom)

55-210mm f4.5-6.3 OSS E (zoom)


Click the links above to read reviews, find the current list price and learn more.



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