Best Travel Tripods – MeFoto Travel Tripod Review

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MeFoto Travel Tripod Review

Need a light-weight, portable Travel Tripod for backpacking or vacation? We recommended Mefoto Travel Tripods as the Best Travel Tripods this year.

MeFoto is our recommended brand of travel tripods to buy in 2017. They have a broad selection of travel tripods in materials including aluminum and carbon fiber. MeFoto’s range of tripods will meet all of your travel photography needs. They incorporate features like built-in monopods and selfie sticks with bluetooth connectivity so that your travel tripod is more than 3 legs folded up and strapped to your back. Get a multi-functional tripod that will help you get the shot you want no matter where you are.


#1 MeFoto Travel Tripod Carbon Fiber Globetrotter Tripod/Monopod Convertible Kit

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The MeFoto Carbon Fiber Globetrotter Travel Tripod/Monopod Kit has a 360-degree panning cabalitiy with accurate panoramas easily created using the graduated panning scale for top-notch image alignment.

The ball head is a dual action heavy-duty ball head with Arca-Swiss style compatible quick release plate. And an integral bubble level will let you adjust the travel ball head precisely to keep your camera level and prevent uneven panning of the landscape. Integrated into the ball head are separate head and pan locks and knobs to adjust the pan with precision.

Add stability to the tripod with a recessed center column hook that allows you to attach a bag full of rocks or other heavy material to keep the center of gravity low and the tripod with your camera stable. This is extremely helpful when using a heavy camera and lens or in adverse climates where there’s a lot of wind.

With a compact design, invert and fold the tripod legs back 180 degrees making it small enough to carry just about anywhere. Another key feature is a five leg extension for plenty of height on your camera. Also, with 5 legs, you know it will pack up small and fit into your luggage, duffel or backpack easily.

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The only downside to the MeFoto travel tripod may be the twist lock legs. Some photographers prefer the flip lock legs, but MeFoto does incorporate an anti-rotation system in their tripod legs. Rubberized locking grips combined with anti-rotation legs enable fast and fumble-free set up. MeFoto legs are also dust tripod monopod combo, best travel tripods

Built in travel monopod. MeFoto has incorporated into the Carbon Fiber Globetrotter travel tripod design a monopod component when all you need is a steady hand for quick photos. You don’t always need to set up your camera on a tripod to get the best shots.

In fact, a monopod may be all you need for evening photography, sports photography or action shots. The monopod has a foam grip for extreme temperatures when you need to carry it without gloves.

When folded up, the MeFoto Globetrotter Tripod/Monopod is approximately 16.5″ – extended it’s approximately 62.5″ and overall weight with the ball head is 3.75lbs. This is an excellent travel tripod for a mirrorless camera or dslr kit.

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#2 MeFoto Air Globetrotter Travel Tripod

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The MeFoto Air Travel Tripod is one of the best light-weight affordable travel tripods for backpacking. It is light-weight at under 2lbs and folds up to approximately 12.5″.

The legs telescope out and recess into themselves when packed so there is minimal added length when collapsed. The legs use an innovative locking mechanism – HyperLock legs – which makes setting up your camera fast and easy.

Twist the legs to unlock, pull out to the needed height and quickly twist in the opposite direction to lock. The MeFoto Air legs are adjustable to any terrain, such as rocks, slopes, uneven and rough surfaces.

The MeFoto Air Travel Tripod is an excellent mirrorless camera tripod, or if you are on a budget and want a feature rich tripod, this is a great choice. The compact design will make travel easy, and the light-weight frame will let you pack more filters and lenses.

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#3 MeFoto Carbon Fiber Road Trip Travel Tripod

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Self-explanatory, the MeFoto Road Trip Tripod is the right tripod for your trip around the country. What we like about the MeFoto Road Trip is that it can hold up to 17.6lbs. If you are using a big dslr and lens, this tripod will not only look great, but it will keep you camera supported well. Extended, its range is 61.6″ and folded up it’s 15.4″. It comes with an easy to use monopod, and it has 5 leg sections with twist locks.

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It comes in 2 materials, aluminum or carbon fiber, and there’s a big price difference between the two. You’ll have to decide which fits your budget. The aluminum has more color options and weighs .5lb less.

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Travel Tripod Considerations:

What is a Travel Tripod?

A travel tripod is light-weight & foldable and can fit into your carry-on, backpack or duffel bag easily. It’s smaller and less bulky than a professional tripod and is perfect for taking photos on vacation when you need a stabilized image. Most travel tripods will hold up to a larger dslr, but you will want to make sure the manufacturers recommended weight levels are not exceeded. It wouldn’t be so great to have the travel tripod fall over and bring your expensive camera with it.

Best Materials for a Travel Tripod

If you want to enjoy traveling with your tripod, be sure to get one made from carbon fiber, magnesium or titanium – save the aluminum for local jaunts and less intensive travel. Aluminum may get heavy and make travel a real pain. The disadvantage of a carbon fiber tripod is the price. While an aluminum tripod is less expensive, it may not be the best choice. You may want to spend $75-200 more on a more expensive tripod if weight is a factor in your decision.

The Best Head for a Travel Tripod

The best head for travel is a ball head, because it’s small and light-weight. The MeFoto ball head uses knobs and locks to keep your camera level for panoramas. Not all manufacturers have this function in the travel tripod ball heads. When buying a travel tripod, make sure you get a ball head that won’t lose level as you turn to get panoramic shots.  Another alternative is to purchase a panning handle head so you can keep your camera level. If you goal is to get sweeping, level photos of the scenery, you’ll want to get a tripod head with a panning handle if you don’t purchase a MeFoto tripod. The downside to a panning handle tripod head is that it’s bulky. Panning handles don’t travel as easily as ball heads, so it’s really a trade-off as to what you want to purchase and why you need the tripod.

Travel Tripod Legs

When purchasing a travel tripod, always consider the leg diameter. The wider the leg diameter, the more stable the tripod. Also, most travel tripods have multiple sections in the legs. This allows the tripod to fold up more compactly. Flip lock legs are faster to adjust than twist lock legs. Get flip lock legs when you can.

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MeFoto Air Travel Tripod

MeFoto uses a few alternatives to flip locks. The MeFoto Air uses telescoping, recessed twist lock legs. Photographers who use the MeFoto Air recommend the tripod for its ease of use and reliability. Read Reviews and See Specs

From a simple day-trip tripod to an extended backpacking journey, MeFoto products will keep your camera stable on uneven ground, help you to pack light, and Mefoto tripods are excellent for those sweeping panoramic photos or night photography shots you are dying to take. MeFoto products are highly rated by professional photographers with years of experience in the field. They come with a 3 or 5 year warranty, and their customer support is top-notch. Learn more.


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