Andrew T Kearns, Video Blogger – What Camera Does He Use?

andrew t kearns video blog channel on youtube

Andrew T Kearns, Photographer and Video Blogger – What Camera Does He Use?

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I’m a huge fan of Andrew Kearns.

Have you heard of him?

Yes, no?

What does he do that’s so fascinating?

He runs around all over the place video blogging the shit out of his day.

It doesn’t matter what he’s doing, because he’s usually doing something fairly interesting and shooting video of it in the process.


How can a seemingly laid-back, yet intense guy, like Andrew T Kearns …. get so popular on Youtube?

He doesn’t let his gear (or lack of it) stop him. He uses whatever is on hand.

The biggest problem most people have is they think their gear isn’t good enough.

But good enough for what?

If it films, shoot with it. If it clicks, take pics with it.

What I think limits most people is that they think “they” aren’t good enough or interesting enough or talented enough to start a vblog or website.

Andrew T Kearns (and Casey Neistat) proves over and over again that being consistent, experimental, and real are enough to learn from and grow an audience.

You don’t need to start with the best gear, just START!

If you film it, they will watch it – just film something more than once – or 5 times.

Build a consistent stream of content.

Publish it where it can be seen, and over time you’ll build an audience.

Now, back to gear.

Don’t let gear – or lack it – of hold you back.

What’s in Andrew T Kearns Camera Bag?

Here are two videos in which he shares what he’s shooting with.


“Gear Doesn’t Matter, Practice Does” – Andrewtkearns

Canon t5i + Canon 18-135 kit lens – 2:00
Iphone 2:08

“they’re not anything to brag about,
but it’s a fence in pdx,
and rod’s like a 4/10, 9/10,
but they don’t look bad,
i guess this whole shpeal is,
to say,
stop making excuses,
about gear,
or locations,
or subjects,
get out there,
go shoot,
make mistakes,
learn from them,
apply what you learned,
and repeat,
until you die.”

– Andrew Kearns

“What’s in my Travel Camera Bag” – Andrewtkearns

“It really matters about the story you tell with your images or videos, and the content within it.” – Andrew Kearns

Andrew Kearns Photography Gear:

Fjallraven Bag
Incase laptop sleeve
15″ Macbook Pro Retina
Incase Camera Insert for Backpacks
Olympus OM1 Film Camera
Sony A6300 (4K Video & Slow motion)
Canon 5D Mark III (work horse)
Canon 24-70MM lens
Sigma 35 art f/1.4
Canon 5D Mark II (backup)

Now that you know what gear Andrew T Kearns uses… get your cell phone out and get to work!

Learn More About Andrew’s Videos and Photography: Website   Instagram   Youtube   Vine

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